Video Game Room

Video Game Trounaments

Are you more than a button masher and have some serious gaming skills then this is your time to shine! Compete for the Anime Sekai Video Game champ award.

General Rules

1) Turbo buttons are prohibited.

2) You may bring your own controller. There are controllers to lend if you are not able to provide one.

3) Blind select is available by request.

4) Programmable controllers and/or turbo functions are banned, and if a player is found using any such function will immediately forfeit the game.

5) Cronus Max Plus and Titan One converters are banned.

6) All other converters are the responsibility of the player.

7) Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.

8) Any wireless controller must be connected via its respective USB cable. We will not provide any USB cables.

9) WiiU Pro controllers are allowed.

Video Game Tournaments You Could See At Anime Sekai

Mario Kart Wii U

Injustice 2

Blaz Blue Cross Tag Battle

Tekken 7

Bomberman R

Street Fighter 5

Smash Bros Wii U

Dragon Ball Fighter

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Halo CE Original XBox FFA

Mario Kart SNES

If you would like to see a game tournament held for a certin game email us.

Code of Conduct

Positive behavior is expected from all attendees. Any kind of harassment towards cosplayers, including but not limited to harassment on social media, will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the con. Gambling is not allowed in the tournament area. Cheating is not tolerated and will result in immediate ejection. Vaping is not allowed in the ballroom. Taking a loss to manipulate brackets/pools is poor sportsmanship and will result in disqualification from the tournament.