Anime Rave Party

Anime Rave Party!!

Saturday, August 7th, 2021.

10:00PM - 1:00AM

Get ready to let lose for a EDM dance party like no other!

Come in your favorite costume!

Learn the Language

Here are some rave slang you should learn and embrace:

P.L.U.R. - stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Bottomline of all these etiquette is to embody the P.L.U.R. principle which is basically how you treat other people at rave parties.

Kandi - are colorful beads turned into bracelets and necklaces that are traded or given to other ravers at rave parties.

Rage - means to dance and party as hard as you can.

Dance Your Heart Out - Doesn’t really matter if you’re a good dancer, you ain’t there to compete, you’re there to enjoy the moment, after all! Dance like nobody’s watching you. Just let the good music flow through your body. Don’t even try dancing something you’re not comfortable with. Just go with flow and be as natural as you are.

Code of Conduct - Violators will be dealt with by security. Do not take your shirt off. Do not bring drugs or alcohol. More info under our polices tab.

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Gilbert Carrizales

Born in Sumpter South Carolina, Gilbert began his musical expedition in San Antonio Texas during his early teenage years. At 14 he began producing his own music as well as djing at local clubs & venues. After several years of experimental producing & obtaining different influences & inspiration, Gilbert began to perform live Trance music at age 17. Over the years, he's mastered the elements of building & performing a live electronic dance music set with keyboards, midi controllers & laptops. As realized, he is no longer a Dj, but a Live Performer. Gilbert has releases on record labels that have support from super stars like Armin Van Buuren, Sean Tyas, & Paul Van Dyk. Gilbert has had the honor of directly opening for Paul Van Dyk twice in San Antonio back when Club Rio was still opened. This took place in 2014 & in 2015.

Gilbert began performing in the anime/pop culture scene in 2011. Since then he has grown into his own name in that scene. He's performed at some of the biggest conventions in Texas such as Realms Con in Corpus Christi (2015-2016), Project A-KON 27 in Dallas Texas (2016) and Dragon Con (2016 & 2017) in Atlanta Georgia. His performance with keyboards and laptops has sky rocketed his success and you can definitely expect Gilbert to be performing for larger conventions & festivals in the future.

Connect with me on my Social Media above!

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Sephi Hakubi

Christian Lalinde, better known as Sephi Hakubi, is a progressive DJ, multi-media producer, anime enthusiast, and video gamer from Coral Springs, Florida with a big focus in the Anime Fandom and Electronic Dance Music. He is the founder and leader of Hau5 of Hakubi, a faction of fandom artists producing and performing music through various media such as video, radio, and live events. Sephi is also an official resident of underground music groups Just Don’t Stop Productions (JDS) and Hard Dance Texas (HD:TX) and is currently signed with music labels Caffeine Music and Project: Shiromayu.

Sephi utilized his experiences in many of his interactions to become what he's described today as a "multi-media culture masher”, establishing the correlation between anime and electronic music. Sephi strives to make the electronic dance community relevant for fans by formulating his mixing style called AnimEDM, a style of unique sounds and sights primarily influenced from Progressive House, Trance, Eurodance, HandsUp, Hard Dance, and Hardcore music, often with Japanese influences.

The mission for Sephi’s AnimEDM style works to create a place of friendship, musical freedom and anime fandom. Sephi's AnimEDM style gained significant attention in the anime and rave scene as he performed for the masses at FAN:dom Con, San Japan, SukoshiCon, Realms Con and IKKiCON, as well as festivals such as Equinox, Unite As One, Tonyc Summer Jam and Texas Silent Disco.

Sephi was also honored to open for internationally recognized DJs like Darude, Donald Glaude, Made Monster and Ferry Corsten, and opened direct support for major artists like Bobby Duque and Gabriel Guardian (FYER), Kenneth Thomas, and JJ Flores; as a result, gaining much valued wisdom from world-renowned industry performers. Currently, Sephi is focusing on music production to further incorporate in his AnimEDM concept; however, you can revisit Sephi's proof of concept from his past sets and all 100 episodes of his formerly syndicated radio show, Weekly Rave Smash, on